Compare an apple to an apple – Check the MLM software features wisely

There is no hiding from the fact that no successful Direct Selling company can ever sustain their success without a well-designed computer system behind it. Examples are many where direct selling companies have failed due to the lack of a good computer system. Dear entrepreneur do not let your new venture become just another statistic. Choose your MLM software vendor wisely.

After all the application software is certainly the most significant part because it is that piece, which determines how you run your business. The MLM software thus provides you input screens for order processing, creates your commission checks, prints down line genealogy reports, and provides look up information to handle distributor inquiries as well.

You should buy a software package that allows you to create your own reports. Let’s take an easy example to understand this. Suppose a manager wants to see a list of all the distributors in a particular area with a group volume of $5,000 or more. Most agile and most modern software systems will allow the manager to type a simple command sentence to obtain the report.

Also; make sure that the MLM software company you hire can program your compensation plan. Let’s not deny; this is by far the most complex aspect and it takes massive amounts of experience to program properly. Simply put; compensation plan programming is not something that inexperienced programmers should be doing. Hire only an experienced programmer.

Be frank – do you intend to expand internationally someday? If yes, choose a software package that incorporates international issues such as currency conversion, language translation, cross border sponsoring, V.A.T. tax reporting, and foreign address formats.

Finally; Compare features and check the price tag before ordering.

A tip? While comparing features use the feature list of the package that has the most to offer. Also compare the features of the other packages to it, feature by feature.