Matrix Plan – The Ultimate Management Solution


Possibly we all know that all it takes is a well thought out approach for making the required amendments in an organization’s structuring when it comes to the point of achieving  the workings of a Matrix organization. Yes; I agree; a matrix organization is complex to conceptualize. In fact it is even difficult to materialize in its actual ground working.

This is typically because the whole transition thus includes but not limited to the verifiable models, structures and processes and also the, new leadership models that can be modified to eliminate discrepancies. This is where the Matrix Plan, an integral part of Multilevel Marketing (MLM) software, comes to the rescue.

The main advantages of the matrix MLM compensation plan are:

  • When tailored, the compensation plan can easily be integrated
  • Representatives and the networkers of the MLM companies motivate the downlines
  • While the downline works upline get promoted as per the levels,
  • This MLM compensation plan is flexible

The Matrix network marketing plan is designed to function as a multilevel marketing compensation plan. There are in fact several variations to a business model, and the organizational tree is defined in its width and depth.

Also referred to as a ladder Plan, a Pyramid plan, or a Forced Matrix Plan it offers respite to the entrepreneurs.

Okay, take a carefullook at the structural setupof the plan. Here the members are organized in a particular width and depth. They are compensated when they achieve an assigned level. A distributor could introduce only 3 front-line members. The member could earn compensation up to the 5th level.

In the Matrix MLM Plan, the width is kept limited, with a member being able to motivate the members under him. Yes; it will maximize profits.

The system allows for a member to complete his width up to the assigned limit. If in case a member sponsors more than one member the ‘excess’ members are automatically positioned in the underlying levels. The process of automatic positioning feature is available in advanced matrix mlm system in addition to other premium features.