MLM Compensation Plan – A Discussion

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Let’s not beat around the bush. Let us drive to the point straight now. Network marketing software whether free or for sale, are designed to specifically handle network marketing business issues.

On the same breath it should also be mentioned that, specific software may have a hard time dealing with concerns which are outside of its original design. This means when it comes to the point of MLM success an off the shelf and one size all approach doesn’t make a positive difference. A customizable solution stands as the KEY.

To get the right MLM software for your business requirements, compare each software’s features and capabilities.

Also; ask the vendor which features or which add-ons they consider as unique in their package.

Selecting the right MLM compensation is also vital to take your business to the next level altogether. The MLM Compensation Plans helps to moves the product or services, the compensation plans also motivate in taking action.

The basic principle of different plans remains the same – duplication

  • Sponsoring other people
  • Finding new leads who will use and buy the product.

The different MLM plans have been created in an attempt to “tweak” behavior. Each plan thus are tweaked to be more motivating than the next plan

The idea is thus simple – to select the most powerful, scalable, brilliant and agile compensation plan!

Unilevel Compensation Plan: Yes; this is certainly the original of all the MLM compensation. The unilevel plan is one of the leading MLM or multi-level marketing compensation plan that allows the distributors to make money from every new purchase or repurchasing of the company product. With this plan in place, you can sponsor as many people as you want onto your front line – you can go as wide as you like.

Matrix Compensation Plan: The matrix plan is one of the important multilevel marketing compensation plans and there are numerous distinctions to this business model. Here the tree grows in the ‘n X n’ depth and width. This thing allows the members to locate the number of the forefront members according to the set width.

Binary Compensation Plan: As the name suggests the Binary Plan has only two legs. The idea is that if you joined your sponsor’s Left Leg, they will continue to sponsor under you on the Left side and you add your people on your Right leg.

K.I.S.S. – K.I.S.S. AND K.I.S.S.

Keep it simple and straight.  This means a good company, with a good product and a simple plan, which is easily duplicable and easily understood, is the best formula for MLM success.