Product quality or quantity – Which one to focus on direct selling business?

Direct Selling business Product Quality

Product quality or quantity - Which one to focus on direct selling business?

It’s a matter of product selling and the efforts to put forward in direct selling business maintains the flow of such products through distribution, referrals, direct sales, affiliate etc. That’s the ultimate aim of every selling business, so the product, what should be the major factor to focus or concentrate on – Is it quality or quantity? If the quality stresses out to burst the marketing world then, quantity can meet the rest. But still which one can accelerate the growth of network and sales?

The stability of the package matters henceforth, a survey has been recently conducted to adopt the preference in the product tactics. Yes, you guessed it right! The result of the survey or the poll was a tie! Most people argued between (obviously, in a friendly way) that product’s quality must be the primary concern as the quantity inter-relates with the quality. Only if the quality is maintained throughout the business journey quantity can be produced as per demand.

We did talk about demand and supply model in our previous articles/blogs. The quality seems to be the most accurate part of business as the concerned members have to make other people fall in love with the product. Let’s imagine you are into electronic gadget business and what you are providing is a lot cheaper compared to the current marketing value but, it ain’t of a good quality. Using cheaper circuits and device parts soldered out to form a gadget with not much of a quality. And mostly, people get attracted towards the cheaper one and if the specifications are promising they will go for it.

But, after a year or later the gadget might feel the pain and it’s a hell for the user. This is where the quality matters if the product does come with a good quality then, it might have last for a long period of time. The price might be in the upper levels but, there won’t much concern for people who are looking for a long time. People who often change their gadgets go for the cheaper one. Thus quality and quantity matter most for both the forms of product selling business. The factors are not just limited to products, the quality and quantity do matter for people too.

It’s the network of people known to be the talking point of direct selling business, enlarge the network and enhance the sales. The quality of people also matters, with good quality more quantity people will get inside the pack. And yet another factor is the quality of direct selling software, as the complete tasks or business is maintained using it. Make use of the direct selling software to keep the quality and quantity maintained for the whole business lifetime.

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