Open source script enabled MLM Software explained !


MLM Software does have infinite abilities to handle the MLM business by filtering out the chances of errors and failures. One can easily equip the package without any issues and everything is well settled afterward, so is just the software package enough for MLM business? We don’t think so, it’s important to have an open-script enabled software as it helps to customize and organize the package as per the requirement and analysis. Let’s have a brief description on this basis,

“Certainly there’s a phenomenon around open source. You know free software will be a vibrant area. There will be a lot of neat things that get done there.”

Bill Gates American Business Magnate

– – Bill Gates

American business magnate

How Open-source package helps you into MLM business?

MLM Software Package with Open source Script

The open-source script lets you edit and handle any form software modules alter and develop in your own requirement and then a new form of MLM Softwareis developed without any borders and limits. We have already a blog which describes you all you want to know about what is open-source software and its advantages. So let us help you in understanding more on this topic with just a few lines. The source code will be available for the client and with developers help they can change the codes if wanted.

The external contribution is always invited and modification of the designs can be thus done from the initial software deal cost itself. Thus no concerns have arisen which keeps everything under a charm and cool development atmosphere. Thus there is no proprietary kind of software revolution involved under the hood, there are no royalty or any sort third-party selling license issues, not concerned in special fields and open for all. Especially in MLM business this is the best choice one can get for a fair amount of deal which can help in future and the whole MLM system will be sustainable and not vulnerable for any limitations. So that’s all the necessary things you have to know about open-source MLM Software and to know more it’s best to contact us and hopefully, the deal can be made without any hesitations.

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Importance of multi-language feature in Network marketing software

Importance of multi language in Network marketing Software - Epixel Software

Language is a powerful weapon for the best communication as well as an important tool in marketing. We know Network marketing software has been a revolution ever since it has launched in online market and it’s been a blessing for Network marketing business professionals, they can carry out the business with great ease and there lies the importance of a multi-language option. Clients may spread around the world who may not understand the universal language – “English”, henceforth multi-language feature is the best option that can also help in customer acquisition without any complexity. .

“Language is a process of free creation; its laws and principles are fixed, but the manner in which the principles of generation are used is free and infinitely varied. Even the interpretation and use of words involves a process of free creation.”

Avram Noam Chomsky American linguist - United States

– – Noam Chomsky

American linguist

The magic of multi-language feature in customer acquisition?

Magic of Multi language Feature in Epixel Network Marketing Software

Customer acquisition – the term have a great importance in every business and is a vital part especially for marketing business that is spread across widely across the globe. In Network marketing business one cannot predict the member location in advance, they can be from overseas or even on the other side of the globe. While connecting these users together in a network it is needed to be user-friendly and the members may not be good in English reading skills and therefore a language preference is to be given on the highest priority. This can help such users as there isn’t an issue regarding language and one can work with the team without such tensions and panic.

So, come to the part of how customers can be acquired using Network marketing software. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, multi-language attracts attention of most crowd. The whole part of having such feature within the software platform alongside with other features add new flavors that can provide a new aroma on the dish. Network marketing software is enriched with such many features that can build up the whole castle of Network marketing business without much difficulties. You can check the multi-lingual features in our Network marketing software demo and make a wise decision of taking up the software help for your marketing business.

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Facebook for Network marketing | Strategies to shoot at!

 Strategies to shoot at !


Strategies to shoot in Marketing

Network marketing” stands up still among the marketing crowd and it does holds the throne of marketing kingdom. Yes, the winter is coming but that won’t be matter anymore as the impact is too deep to ignore. But still, don’t you feel something is missing from your side? Something that’s too important? Can’t you pick the speed like your competitors does? Facebook is the best key to generate world-wide leads and your strategies were missing that vital part in your business.

“Facebook still dominates [social media advertising] heavily. Google is different because it’s search. Pinterest is getting more e-commerce advertising. Twitter probably just gets a fraction of Facebook’s [revenue]. Twitter is working on it, and we’ll see if they can figure it out.”

How to crack Facebook marketing/advertising?


how to crack facebook marketing or advertising

There are certain advertising options in Facebook; well most of these options are paid and is expected to deliver good percentage of income from them. One shall get benefited by means of more leads through wide reach, website clicks, more promotions ads etc. But,do you have that awkward feeling about the quantity of money you are spending on? Aren’t you satisfied with the promotional packages? Let us help you in this regard, we do have certain advices that can make the best out of what you’re spending and asked for.

  • Understand the current marketing situation and make an attractive ad that brings the attention from the competitors.
  • Analyze the type of crowd and the particular age group you would like concentrate on for a better promotion of your business – “Demographics”.
  • Local or global marketing? Choose in accordance to the reach you would like to implement.
  • Promote posts that have backlinks to your website, thereby you will gain more leads without promoting more posts.
  • Make your posts rich with situational questions that the targeted audience has been thinking about.
  • Never make the ad too complicated, bring in the best to avoid bounce rate.
  • Do the research in network marketing and understand the depth of the field.

Use of multi-level marketing software for Facebook marketing is the common method followed by every multi-level marketing business enthusiasts. Epixel MLM Software comes with individual Facebook as well as other social media sharing option alongside with referral links for network expansion.

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Multi-level Marketing | Matrix Plan Explained !

 Matrix Plan Explained in Multi-level Marketing

Matrix Plan Explained with Description

Multi-level Marketing gains its popularity wider, day by day and is getting influenced in world market with a high income possibility. And the often chosen by the MLM companies differ in perspective and the rules which they follow. But if you get through the most common MLM plans, Matrix MLM will be one to wade through esoterica. The plan got much appreciation from the leading marketing giants. There is Matrix compensation plan software available in the market that comprises of all added advantages of a matrix plan.

“You don’t build a business, you build people and people build business”

– – ZigZiglar

The best ladder Plan for an active business group:

Ladder plan for active user groups

We’re not getting deep into the plan, as it is already been explained in our past blogs; let us give you a brief info about the plan and why it is good for a well active business group. The plan does come with fixed structure, just like the old tree structured terminology. Here the width and height will be fixed just like a pyramid level, for an “n x m” matrix plan, “n” will be the width i.e., the number of legs one can include underneath him/her and “m” denotes the depth or the height of the plan i.e., the number of levels one can sponsor.

2 by 2 matrix plan

(2 x 2 Matrix Plan)

So how it is beneficial for marketing business?

The matrix plan comes with a special feature named “spillover process”, here the process explains about how the sponsor can accommodate more people to the network once the downline members gets filled with a default value. Likewise the downline members continue the network addition, eventually becoming an enormous one. You can understand more about the Matrix Plan from our website and thereby try the demo of Epixel MLM software. All the benefits and bonus structure is explained there and as a beginning we have already written introduction part in our blogs.

“Keep your eyes open and wait for more network plan brief blog analysis.”

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Main Key ingredients | Epixel MLM Software

 Features of Epixel MLM Software

Features of epixel Multilevel marketing software

Epixel MLM software is one of the most prominent network marketing software that is available in today’s e-market platform. The package has become a revolution in the marketing business with its effective user planning interface and customization features. Handful of MLM software’s has arrived in the market in the past few years and has thrashed to its bottom, failing miserably and not rising to the business process. The bottom line is that we’re the hottest in MLM marketing software industry with latest features and upgradations, in fact, we never let grass to grow under our feet.

“The software that Epixel delivers is outstanding in performance and it’s really helpful for my MLM Business. My experience with Epixel MLM software team was extremely positive. They were able to grasp concepts and provide finished project on time.”

– – Tipny, USA


Salient Features of Epixel Direct-Selling software:


Features of Epixel Multi Level Marketing Software

Epixel Open-source software is a pride package for us as it is a globally accepted package and our clients are too happy with our efforts. Our dedicated team made this fortune cookie to become delicious and we served it with at most care. Let’s understand the features that we offer in our MLM software…

  • Clean & Classic Dashboard.
  • E-Wallet & Genealogy Tree.
  • Multiple Currency &Multilingual Support.
  • Multiple Network View.
  • SMS Integrations & Live Chat Module.
  • Sponsored Members Listing.
  • Income & Expenses Report.
  • Multiple Payout & Withdrawal Options.
  • Business Wallet & E-wallet transfers.
  • Track Activities & unlimited membership etc.


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