How do you set-up a new MLM business?

How do you set-up a new MLM business
MLM or marketing business – the journey of a lifetime (obviously, in business terms) is a parallel line that runs through the course of benefits and rushes through business concerns. So, how to set-up a new MLM business, if you are beginner this might be the first that gets into your mind and you’ll be obviously searching out for help by means of online help or expert opinions. “Google it!” the most common advice will look alike this, it’s well a nice option too and here is a brief information on how to make this process happen.

Let’s pinpoint the process from step-step,

1. Having a basic business plan/layout

basic business plan
The primary point of the set-up will be that of having a plan with basically the business layout blueprint. A plan that helps to compare and prolong the MLM business plans in its best way and lets the whole business journey with a depth touch of elegance.

2. Proper business analysis
proper business analysis

Now onto the part where analyzing comes into the act, the planning as we told you is the primary concern and in order to properly execute it, a thorough analysis has to be made. Analyzing keeps the process simpler and effective. To carry out the process from one by one, just track from the beginning point to the end point and speculate the efforts precisely.

3. Executing the plan!

Executing the plan
Now onto the execution part, it all begins with the product selection which you obviously have in mind and that’s why you have entered into the MLM business. The toughest part comes in now, how to make this product reached out in the customer’s hands? As we said, it’s tough and the primary plan need to have a brilliant side. Usually, the oral path was the only choice in past and that time has passed away, it’s modern era now! And everything revolves around the internet world.

With the arrival of the internet, social media came alongside with it and a tunnel of simplicity runs in. Social media awareness let the world know about your product and that accelerate the branding part. But to keep things tighter and executable, pick an MLM Software (recommended), the reason for this is to make things simpler to handle and manage from the initial period itself. Maybe a trial or a limited featured package helps you at the beginning ( reference: MLM Software demo).

4. Choosing a plan!

Choosing a plan

Pick or choose the perfect network marketing plan (currently many MLM plans available like – Binary Plan, Uni-level Plan etc. and for customer benefits, custom MLM Plan is also available) that suits your business and for the results, it must suit & merge the complete product business with a profit motto. This is well critical so it is best to take advice if you are a beginner.

With such an effective plan the beginner mode will be kind of become a little bit on the low-profile. And the grace of being an entrepreneur rolls in, and this plan does involve with bonus, commissions and another sort of compensation structure.

5. How to roll-up and make improvisation?


roll-up and make improvisation

The end results, improvisations, optimization and much more parts come in here. If the above strategy works well then, the result will be terrific and it will eventually improve the sales as well as the growth rate. Usually, the current situation prevails to be the most stimulative part of the business journey and while setting up the marketing business, every such part must be a concerned point.

Nowadays, the network thus established improves more through the web-based package, and this involves many functionalities. A good researching team must be there to focus on these parts, and later on, marketing can be done digitally as well as by means direct marketing.

So, there we have explained all the major signs and chunks of set-up part. And for certain vital advice and other concerned parts, there are many experts in MLM marketing world and their personal blogs, you could refer it for the best results.

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MLM Business League & the mechanical part of operations

MLM Business League and the mechanical part of operations

The world is mechanical in nature and everyone is busy with their own life, controlling and maintaining their own business is what the new era has been involved with. They are onto the mechanical part when the business operational part comes in, but being in MLM business league it’s not wise to have a selfish-like attitude as the chance of getting the network apart is in high value. There are certain parts to check in the MLM business and make the necessary changes to be brought by the admin panel for the best results using direct sales software.

“All life demands struggle. Those who have everything given to them become lazy, selfish, and insensitive to the real values of life. The very striving and hard work that we so constantly try to avoid is the major building block in the person we are today.”


– – Pope Paul VI

Search the source of light to empower direct sales business!


Finding the light as the source for developing network connections is the main strategy when it comes to direct sales/selling business, keeping this in mind the marketers have to move forward in the direction of the best outcome. But as we discussed before the world has changed a lot from the time before, everything has torn apart from friendship to basic manners. Especially in direct sales/selling world the prestigious crown is what everyone is looking for and forgetting the brotherhood aiming for the money, nothing else matters in their way.

As Business admin, he/she do have the responsibility to make arrangements for making the team of users united together to built a kingdom of marketing. Motivation and other stuff are par up to a level but making them understand the need of being connected to each other is a hollow vessel, one has to fill in space with perfect ingredients with different valuable elements. We recommend you to adapt a soft spot i.e., use of direct sales/selling software and conduct the working with most of the features allows the users to settle down a bit and relax their thoughts. Relieving from all the burdens will automatically make sure of a happy heart, only a good heart with peace in mind will think twice before making a decision so that not much people will get hurt from our actions. Meeting the deadlines, achieving promotions, creating opportunities, helping the whole team, uplifting the bonus & commission ratio etc. will be a good option and most of the features are available in Direct sales software demo of the excellence of business.

Confer, grand & yield…!

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Open source script enabled MLM Software explained !


MLM Software does have infinite abilities to handle the MLM business by filtering out the chances of errors and failures. One can easily equip the package without any issues and everything is well settled afterward, so is just the software package enough for MLM business? We don’t think so, it’s important to have an open-script enabled software as it helps to customize and organize the package as per the requirement and analysis. Let’s have a brief description on this basis,

“Certainly there’s a phenomenon around open source. You know free software will be a vibrant area. There will be a lot of neat things that get done there.”

Bill Gates American Business Magnate

– – Bill Gates

American business magnate

How Open-source package helps you into MLM business?

MLM Software Package with Open source Script

The open-source script lets you edit and handle any form software modules alter and develop in your own requirement and then a new form of MLM Softwareis developed without any borders and limits. We have already a blog which describes you all you want to know about what is open-source software and its advantages. So let us help you in understanding more on this topic with just a few lines. The source code will be available for the client and with developers help they can change the codes if wanted.

The external contribution is always invited and modification of the designs can be thus done from the initial software deal cost itself. Thus no concerns have arisen which keeps everything under a charm and cool development atmosphere. Thus there is no proprietary kind of software revolution involved under the hood, there are no royalty or any sort third-party selling license issues, not concerned in special fields and open for all. Especially in MLM business this is the best choice one can get for a fair amount of deal which can help in future and the whole MLM system will be sustainable and not vulnerable for any limitations. So that’s all the necessary things you have to know about open-source MLM Software and to know more it’s best to contact us and hopefully, the deal can be made without any hesitations.

Just catch the fly..!

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Cryptocurrency : E-currency in MLM Business

 crypto currency or Digital coin with MLM Software


Cryptocurrency in MLM Business?

The 21st century is all about E-revolution, from the minute processes to most complicated ones are being handled through Internet. As the time progresses new technologies emerges out from nowhere and everyone has to rise up to the occasion.

E-transfer and Digital banking are enormous gifts of this era. One can handle money without carrying any in bare hands. This is technically termed as E-money or E-cash.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency can also technically be termed as digital money with a key encrypted using cryptography for high secure gateway. This is highly secured and can be accessed only at receiving where de-ciphering processes. It’s a medium for transaction in MLM software.

Researchers give out a brilliant opinion that the cryptocurrency will take over the future in software industry. These are stored in anonymous e-wallets and are available with various options like e-transfers etc.

crypto currency with network marketing

How cryptocurrency link with Network marketing?

Networking marketing is currently one of the most trending and popular MLM business that is organized and controlled with an MLM software. Cryptocurrency is used as a medium for money transfer in direct selling software.

A secure payment feature replaces the traditional physical money transactional system and now you can enjoy it with in the software platform itself. This cryptocurrency is used between the users for all purposes in any sort of MLM plans. Bitcoin, the first decentralized cryptocurrency is a distribution ledger works with the internet and live through the internet.

Epixel MLM software is designed by following all such features and facilities where one can manage the whole business under the control. The features are endless and so is the cryptocurrency for transactions within the business network.

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Open Source MLM Software | Epixel MLM Software


What is Open Source Software?


The source code is available with a license for the Client/copyright holder, so that they have the authority to study, change and share the software. Such type of software is termed as “Open Source Software” or “OSS”.

How does OSS works in MLM Business?


An Open Source MLM Software comes with handy options where the client customizes the product in accordance with the demand and requirement. Well-customized software helps to run MLM business with a profit-oriented manner. He can implement the software with enhanced marketing plans and monitor the day-day analysis.

Open Source Platform

Our open source MLM system works under PHP script and our researchers have been working alongside with the testers to check all the possible customized options. This indeed results with awesome bug-free open source MLM software.

We have been in this field for a vast period of time and efforts are getting excellent responses from all around the globe. Our client relationship is spread over a 360° network and with our 24 x 7 helpline makes this possible irrespective of country time zone.

open source mlm system

Advantages of the Open Source MLM Software


  • Open MLM script; The MLM script is open to the clients requirement and ideas.
  • Bug-free; testing team did a great job in analyzing and testing the software accurately.
  • Security; the software comes in handy with a highly secured coding infrastructure and threat free nature.
  • Online & offline backup; A full system auto back-up feature helps to avoid any sort of data loss.
  • Flexibility; A full featured customization option from script to interface.

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