Beauty of Binary MLM Software and Plans

Honestly; MLM plans are somewhat like the girlfriends or boyfriends. We believe that the one we have is certainly the best and we close our eyes to rest of the plans.

Whatever you may have in your mind about binary network marketing plan but you may want binary compensation plan software once you finish reading this blog post.

The common phrase – ” In mlm business you make money on your downline; not on your upline” is not true for the Binary plan. Within this plan your upline has no choice but to place half of his new members under you. It makes sense to mention that in case of the Matrix plan you can even get “Spill Over” (members) from your upline. Advanced Matrix MLM plan software supports custom spillover preferences. However in matrix plan your upline may have 5 members on the 1st level. This means if you are on his 1st level you may get one – fifth on any spill.

On the other hand; a binary plan has 2 legs and every member is placed one under the other. In easy language; you will be placed in one of your uplines two legs (longer or shorter leg). The leg you joined into will be longer and stronger because your upline will almost always and constantly put new members under you. This is the beauty of the Binary Plan, which is somewhat un-heard in any other compensation plan whatsoever.

The shorter leg is the one with which you start. Each member you recruit is automatically placed under your shorter leg.

Here we uncover the beauty of the Binary plan –

  1. You may need to sponsor 2 people to qualify for group commissions
  2. In the Binary compensation plan you are paid on twice as many people as the group you build
  3. You only have to build one leg
  4. Each and every member you sponsor is placed under your shorter/weaker leg.
  5. All members are benefitted from all new members
  6. Members are sponsored by all upline members in the stronger leg.

With the Binary compensation plan you also receive bonus on each and every person you personally sponsor. Fret not; as the new leg grows it will pick up speed. Also; stay updated with the recent market changes and marketing trends.

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What You Should Know about Bitcoin & its Integration in MLM Software

If you are skeptical towards digital currency like Bitcoin, the first question that would get into your mind is – why at all you will you use it when you have a stable currency? Albeit this has been a shared sentiment among all new users however if you come to look into the trends, you will begin to realize that as time passes by, Bitcoin is slowly making its way to be generally accepted in any market.

Let us not deny; the online payment system has revolutionized the MLM business. It has changed the face of MLM industry while carrying it to another plane altogether. Almost as an obvious result MLM industry has moved from the conventional trading base to the 21st century’s applicable network.

It makes sense to mention here; at Epixel MLM we have also geared up to significantly decrease the complexity of financial matters in an MLM organisation. We have integrated Bitcoin in MLM software

Now let us answer the question we began with – why use this type when you already have a reliable flat currency? The most reasonable reason has a direct connection with your anonymity. With Bitcoin integrated MLM software complete anonymity is possible. As long as you and your network use this you can freely exchange it over networks that accept it.

Also, it allows for lower transaction fees in comparison to flat money when you are using it. Does that ring the bell? Yes; it saves you a lot.

There is also no existing maximum limit to how much you spend with Bitcoin, this means; as long as you have it, you have the freedom to spend it.

So; here’s the bottom-line – you should consider software that integrates bitcoin wallet as well as the service providers. At Epixel Bitcoin MLM Software, we have done that for you!