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About us!

Epixel MLM Software company, a Multi-Level Software Provider is been in operation since 2010, where it took many big leaps in web and application development. Our Top MLM Software Company offers multi-level marketing software with integrated technology that helps in quick and easy implementation of your business. We are excelled in both multimedia and marketing field by delivering a complete range of MLM Plans and MLM Software that works great for multi-level marketing companies.

Our MLM Software Development Company have a team of dedicated professionals like MLM Consultant, Developers, Designers, project managers to work towards the network marketing software development. Epixel MLM Software’s helps multi-level companies to meet their requirements irrespective of their business strategy. Our Network Marketing Software Providers spend most of the time in analyzing the current marketing trends to keep our company updated with our client needs. Apart from our head office in India, we also have our offshore office in Orem, UT, USA and in the United Kingdom.

Our Vision

  • To become a reputed company in MLM business industry providing an excellent software solution for the management and own a global identity.
  • Becoming the carrier of impeccable services
  • Fabricating a loyal client base.

Our Mission

Our mission inculcates:-

  • Providing state-of-the-art solutions with innovative ideas and latest technologies
  • Ensuring the solution to be economical, reliable and feasible.

Our services

We provide with a comprehensive range of solutions which involve:-

Our Policy

Through complete dedication and hard work, we provide a world class software solution to our worldwide clients.

Why are we the top notch company?

  • Customer Service: Our customer service is the biggest factor that helps us to excel in the field. We treat our customers as a king providing services at their convenience.
  • Quality Service: At Epixel, we ensure to deliver all our work with 100% perfection to bring a smile on every customer’s face.
  • Customer Support: We are on service at any time for our customers. We have customer support team working 24*7 to help out the customers for any sort of inquiries.
  • Pocket-Friendly solution: Our affordable pricing helps the clients to meet their requirement in a less budget.



Beauty of Binary MLM Software and Plans

Honestly; MLM plans are somewhat like the girlfriends or boyfriends. We believe that the one we have is certainly the best and we close our eyes to rest of the plans.

Whatever you may have in your mind about binary network marketing plan but you may want binary compensation plan software once you finish reading this blog post.

The common phrase – ” In mlm business you make money on your downline; not on your upline” is not true for the Binary plan. Within this plan your upline has no choice but to place half of his new members under you. It makes sense to mention that in case of the Matrix plan you can even get “Spill Over” (members) from your upline. Advanced Matrix MLM plan software supports custom spillover preferences. However in matrix plan your upline may have 5 members on the 1st level. This means if you are on his 1st level you may get one – fifth on any spill.

On the other hand; a binary plan has 2 legs and every member is placed one under the other. In easy language; you will be placed in one of your uplines two legs (longer or shorter leg). The leg you joined into will be longer and stronger because your upline will almost always and constantly put new members under you. This is the beauty of the Binary Plan, which is somewhat un-heard in any other compensation plan whatsoever.

The shorter leg is the one with which you start. Each member you recruit is automatically placed under your shorter leg.

Here we uncover the beauty of the Binary plan –

  1. You may need to sponsor 2 people to qualify for group commissions
  2. In the Binary compensation plan you are paid on twice as many people as the group you build
  3. You only have to build one leg
  4. Each and every member you sponsor is placed under your shorter/weaker leg.
  5. All members are benefitted from all new members
  6. Members are sponsored by all upline members in the stronger leg.

With the Binary compensation plan you also receive bonus on each and every person you personally sponsor. Fret not; as the new leg grows it will pick up speed. Also; stay updated with the recent market changes and marketing trends.

HERE OUR Binary MLM Software Free Demo:Binary MLM Software Demo





Fulfill all your need with a thorough online research

The marketing needs are never the same and it is true to win the market with exceptional marketing strategies as this is the only way to get profits. Not just for the profits, but the one looking forward to get settled in the market or the one looking to gain  a better reputation need to choose the  right software or tools that  help in earning a better  place. There are several service providers out in the market who offer really easy solutions to the people in need and the best MLM software. Getting the fast and reliable services is easy when you rely over the trustworthy sources and there are innumerable options for the one who look over the internet.

Friendly environment

The basic advantage of choosing the software developer through the internet is that one can easily get several solutions that are designed especially for the need. The licensed experts work with complete dedication and with a vast experience in the field, they offer complete support.

  • Locating one certified expert is never tough if you start exploring the online portals as the majority of the business people started offering services through the user friendly web pages.
  • The MLM software is designed as per the market needs and the comforting aspect of seeking the support of professional experts is that they offer fastest and secured services.
  • Apart from immediate attention the expert professionals design a software as per the company needs and then make sure that it is installed perfectly and runs smoothly.
  • The certified experts along with the software offer a few powerful tools which work in different methods and offer complete support in earning better profits.

The comforting aspect with the online sources is that the customer care services are much interesting and the representative receives immediately. One can mail the details or even start with the online chat in the portal as the website is designed for the comfort of the customers. Even the first time visitor can get perfect solution suitable to the issue and the best part with the software offered by expert professionals is that it is easy to operate.

Worthy software

So before you look for the expert professional in MLM software development make sure you verify the license and then get the user friendly software that is finely featured. Even the user can gain extraordinary features or the software, but only after understanding the working of the software which is developed by the qualified experts. The web based software comes with exceptional features and   it fulfills all the requirements of the business and due to this one need to get the featured software. Apart from this one can successfully run the business using the software that is developed under the supervision of experts. Especially for the people looking to create their own mark this software helps in making the life easier proving to be an efficient tool. Get the best support and pocketful profits just with the support of the finely developed software that is exclusively tailored for the company needs.


Why should you talk to the MLM software development company?

Data suggests, direct selling companies lose  70-80% of their sales force. This has a direct connection with aspects such as lack of clear, concise, and efficient information. This also creates frustration within the sales force. It’s not surprising to find companies getting frustrated with their software partners. Continue reading “Why should you talk to the MLM software development company?”