Rank advancement feature in MLM Software for user-network Progress

Rank advancement feature in MLM Software for user-network Progress

It’s the users or members in a network that makes the marketing business going into a level so-called “successful marketing business”. And a network layout will be available for any MLM Plan that has a tree-like structure separated on the level basis. The structure tells the exact picture of a network marketing business, and here in this piece of writing, we depict you the different rank based levels and how one admin can manage these members separated with rank criteria and advance the team accordingly using an MLM Software for user-network progress.

Differentiating the members in accordance with different levels is always a concern and admin has the power to control and organize these structure. Network marketing is all about building your brand awareness and marketing the product by building up the network to a wide extent. Let’s check this level of genealogy tree where we have separated the member level in the form of branches.

Rank level structure
(Rank level structure)

So, what if the member of the “red” branch achieves the required target? He has to jump up to the top branch, right? When this criterion is managed perfectly the user’s rank will be advanced to the top levels just like the hoping scenario. Well, why is there separate ranking structure installed in the directory of an organization? “Ranks” separate the people and can be considered as the string for calculating the business composition. Here is the advancement process illustrated with pretty much easier for your understanding.

(Level Advancement Model)

The ranking structure begins from the basic level to the top-most level like Managing position etc. and this advancement brings in hope for all the users. There are certain features in MLM Software to calculate these criteria’s that decides the rank advancement and all. For the users to get attracted towards the MLM Plan these options have to be explained perfectly and then the marketing will be unleashed like a wildfire which catches up all the attention of people. Thus, the business will be forming a cent percentage of achievements and finding the milestone in no time.

Advance through the levels…!

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Genealogy Tree | MLM Software Terminologies

 Genealogy Tree in MLM Software



A tree alike representation is what genealogy tree is meant to be in network marketing. The tree is arranged from the Parent-Children concept also known to be “nodes”. This graphical representation helps to understand any sort of MLM plans so easily and it comes handy for MLM software.

“Strong roots produce beautiful leaves; a network grows up to the sky but the root matters”

– Anonymous

How to represent a genealogy tree?


The graphical representation is a typical analysis tool which starts with a sponsor and spread on to the distributors/downline members. Downline is nothing but the members that are arranged below the sponsor and upline is the members arranged above. In MLM business, one can arrange the tree as per convenience and can be updated regularly as new members get added to the network.

The structure of such a genealogy tree changes in accordance with the MLM business plan selected by the client. For various plans say like, Binary MLM Plan, Matrix MLM plan, Unilevel MLM plan etc. have their own features. Some may have an unlimited first level width and can extend up to nth level; some plan comes with a fixed width and height, so the genealogy tree has an independent structure.

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So the bottom line is that with the help of MLM Genealogy software, one can handle marketing business pretty well and Epixel MLM software has such a unique explosive marketing feature that also helps to understand the activeness of all the members in the direct selling business. It does come with a very deep convertible option, that’s the supreme extend of our team’s effort for putting forward such a dedicated MLM software.

“Make a toast for the forthcoming years”

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